About Me.

Hi, I'm Antonio, an Interactive Technology Engineer in Digital Animation; I have ten years of experience in web design and web development, throughout my career I have worked for brands such as Apple, American Express, Nestle, Nissan, Mazda, CBRE, Pepsi, CA Lottery and the US Government through the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Currently i'm a Interactive Technical Production Artist in charge of Adobe's Photoshop extensibility with JavaScript and Node.js for the world's largest consumer electronics company, at Cupertino, California.

On my free time, I'm developing iOS applications with Apple Swift Programming Language as an early adopter of this technology and experiments using real-time 3D simulations with HTML5 Canvas and WebGL as further development of my college dissertation. (Yes, I'm an engineer who loves designing on a Mac).

I've been part of developing online marketing solutions that helped enterprises accurately identify the consumers that truly need their products or services.

Passionately curious since 1984 (The same year the Macintosh was introduced).


IU Design / UX Development

Aware of web design tendencies, creating unique online experiences that help users not only reach what they where looking for, making them click every single corner, extreme attention to detail it's what makes the difference, always thinking on the final user and how they will interact with every single element presented on screen and how elements will group as a composition.

When I'm not at the computer I’m always caring my DLSR Camera for capturing the beauty of nature and architecture.


The world of web development is always changing; and knowing how technology works helps me generate more appropriate design proposals, keeping up to date on all front-end technologies and how they can be used on my next project. Clean and well-documented code is always my goal. It’s a great time for being a front-end web developer.

I’m always passionate about new technologies and currently very exited of the new path for iOS development and how Apple Swift language would change the way of mobile and desktop applications are developed.


San Jose, California. USA